Bike Safety Tips for Roadside Cycling

Roadside cycling: The phrase conjures up images of roadside fatalities, road rage incidents, and serious injuries. While we may think cycling on the side of the road is inherently dangerous, there are precautionary measures bikers can take to ensure drivers and cyclists are living harmoniously on the road.

Check The Condition Of Your Bike

While this may seem obvious, it’s important to check your bike to make sure that it’s in proper riding condition. Before you hit the road, inspect the chains and gears and secure the brakes to eliminate the risk of encountering a harmful roadside situation.

Don’t Act On Impulse

Being predictable is vital in safeguarding yourself on the road. Oftentimes, bikers think they are invincible. However, when a biker acts on impulse, the surrounding drivers are likely to react poorly, which can potentially result in an unwanted accident. Cycling in a safe, foreseeable manner will reduce the risk of getting involved in an accident.

Obey The Rules

The rules of the road were created to protect individuals, not hurt them. While some rules may seem trivial or unnecessary, they’re designed to keep everyone on the road safe. Traveling at the appropriate speed, stopping for traffic signals, and looking both ways before crossing the street are all rules that need to be followed.

Don’t Let Rage Get The Best Of You

While it’s not the easiest thing to do, disengaging from rage can be a biker’s saving grace on the road. Don’t let hotheads ignite your fury as that will only lead to mayhem. Instead, if a vehicle is driving you off the road or exuding dangerous behaviors, try to catch their license number or get a look at their face to notify the appropriate authorities.

Don’t Invite Trouble

While it’s important for drivers to respect bikers, it’s also essential for bikers to realize they are not superior. Weaving in and out of traffic, blatantly disobeying the rules, and purposely provoking drivers creates unsafe circumstances. Intentionally upsetting drivers simply isn’t tolerable when cycling on the road.

Prepare For The Worst

Assuming can be a presumptuous act, especially when bikers expect drivers to automatically take notice of them. While bike-friendly neighborhoods are becoming increasingly more popular, bikers should never assume drivers will take safety precautions. Abiding by the rules and preparing for erratic drivers should always be taken into consideration.

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