Four Cycling Trips Through Asia

Cycling is not just for transportation anymore and has expanded into cycling tours that are available around the world. For a fresh new perspective on the natural and cultural heritage of Asia, many adventurers enjoy cycling tours with their friends or family.

Family Cycling in Vietnam 
For guided travels through Vietnam that are gentle for the youngest family members, the Butterfield and Robinson’s Vietnam Family Adventure provides cycling tours that begin in Hanoi and end in Ho Chi Minh City. Engaging for children, illuminating in Vietnamese culture, and surrounded by beautiful countryside, these tours also have a motorbike tour available.
This trip lasts eight nights and provides accommodations, meals, and equipment.

Adventure By Bike in Kazakhstan 
For a startling new mountain bike tour, KE Adventure Travel offers a guided tour through Kazakhstan’s mountain and desert regions. Averaging 35 miles a day, guides and guests explore the foothills of the Tian Shan. They can view Khan Tengri in the distance, stop at the Golden Man Museum, and experience the awe of Charyn Canyon. Sip tea with nomadic shepherds and spend nights in a traditional yurt. This tour is a ten-night experience including equipment (requires an additional fee), transportation such as flights and transfers, and meals.

Bike and Kayak in Thailand 
A 14-day multi-sport crossover tour is available through G Adventures which crosses parts of Thailand. The Thailand Hike, Bike, and Kayak tour begins and ends in Bangkok. It includes kayaking around Bo Tor, a Muslim community, and trekking for three days around Chiang Mai. The cycling portion covers the Thai capital, the ruins of Ayutthaya, and a night on a floating rafthouse. Accommodations, transfers, some meals and equipment are included. International flights are not included.

Cultural Cycling Tour in Japan 
Intrepid’s Cycle Japan promises a blend of moderate cycling (6-50 miles a day) with a cultural tour of significant sites around the country. The tour route goes from Kyoto to Tokyo with a four-day stopover in the Noto Peninsula. Stops also include the Arashimaya bamboo forest, beautiful coastal routes, and staying in a ryokan. There’s even a train trip into Tokyo for the bike tour there. This is an 11-day excursion which includes accommodations, most meals, transportation, and equipment. Flights are not included.


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